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Action Painting

Zalans came into the action painting scene as a part of his exploration process, as a painter, and since year 2007 travels the world with his performances, which, as of now, were done in 33 countries around the globe (watch videos of some of them here).

Action painting, “healing for the soul” (c), is a mix of both public performance with an element of a show and very intimate self-actualization process of an artist. For Zalans, this is “reaction to the world as it is now”, this is the way how an artist in a modern world can explore the connection of art with society in a way, where the accent and attention is shifted from an end product (painting, art-work) to the process itself (movement, documentation, being in a role).

The format Zalans uses in his action painting performances is characterized by the publicly accessible environment, where show takes place, audio background of 7 specific music tracks, altogether 22-minutes long, and acryl paints and 3m x6m paper as a medium.

Please, contact us to order the action painting performance in your city or during your event.

Action painting is also used by Zalans in his practical workshops.