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After the order is confirmed and paid for, we ship you the artwork with your preferred shipper. We work with currier services like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and many others. The way of shipment and additional costs are agreed upon in advance.

Safe arrival of your newly purchased artwork is important to us. Here are few packing principles that we use for shipping: 

1. We protect the artwork from dust and moisture:

  • The artwork is wrapped with protective, acid-free paper such as glassine or tissue paper
  • The artwork is covered with white cotton fabric
  • The artwork is wrapped loosely in plastic

2. We protect the artwork from damage:

  • Mostly, we use two containers; a smaller box cushioned on all sides inside a larger box to protect your artwork from bumps and sharp objects
  • The artwork is insulated with padding such as bubble wrap or upholstery foam

3. We identify your new artwork:

  • We put your name and address on the exterior side of all shipping containers
  • We cover any paper labels with clear tape
  • Your container is identified as “FRAGILE”
  • We identify where the container needs to be opened by writing “OPEN HERE”