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In Endless Motion. Erarta Museum. Sankt Petersburg, Russia

ПригласительныйThe Latvian artists invited to be part of the exhibition In Endless Motion at Erarta museum in Saint Petersburg — Daiga Krūze, Līga Ķempe, Atis Jākobsons, Kaspars Perskis, Dace Dēliņa–Lipska and Ilgvars Zalāns, all have obtained their education from the Art Academy of Latvia and their work has been well known in the particular art circles for years. Although the local contemporary art scene has not been very favourable towards painting, those who are actively pursuing this medium have proved that the painting has never lost its prominence in Latvia. It has been admired and even worshiped as one of the strongest mediums of arts.

Ilgvars Zalans’s work “Java Season” presented in Artmajeur edition

It is with a great pleasure that we were informed of Artmajeur magazine’s decision to include Ilgvar Zalans’s work from the Colonial Beauty collection of portraits into their latest edition (Autumn 2017). “Java Season” portrait is presented under nr. 9 in the portraits’ section. We are humbled and grateful for the editor’s decision.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 20.19.32

Exhibition “The Four Seasons”, September — November 2016 (Latvia)







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Works of Ilgvar Zalans will be presented during the exhibition in Mark Rothko Art Centre

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 15.56.15

The works from the series “Paperworks” will be presented during the group exhibition in Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils.

“Untitled” format of the exhibition is an opportunity for each artist to talk about current socially significant matters without verbalizing or textualizing them. And every viewer is free to improvise in their perceptions, although in some works this freedom is somewhat limited as some art pieces have a title, leading to a certain dialogue between the author and the viewer.

More about the exhibition here – Mark Rothko Art Centre website.

Works of Ilgvars Zalans will travel to the Charity art auction conducted by Sothbey’s auctioneer in the UNESCO House in Paris, May 2016

Following a successful launch in 2014, the art and charity event Treasures for the Future created by STUDIO EKATERINA holds its second edition in the UNESCO House in Paris, 17 -20 May 2016.The funds raised through the art auction will largely be donated to ASAPSU in support of their medical projects for the prevention and treatment of intestinal infections among schoolchildren in remote regions of Ivory Coast. The remaining part will be used to support the participating artists.

The artistic program will include a variety of events such as a contemporary art exhibition, a round table with the participation of committed experts in art and culture, a musical performance, and finally a charity art auction conducted by Jeanne Calmont, auctioneer and specialist from SOTHEBY’s contemporary art department.

Ilgvars Zalans’ “Colonial Beauty” presented at Scope Miami Beach

shikoku girl.ooc,120x150,2014

It has been an intensive and successful year for the Latvian painter Ilgvаrs Zalans: his works were shown at Scope Basel in June, Art Copenhagen in September and, now, in December, at Scope Miami Beach. The works of Zalans will be presented by the art gallery “Bastejs”, based in Riga, Latvia.

Scope Miami Beach, the biggest worldwide professional show of modern art, has gathered over 900 million dollars in sales during the last 15 years. In 2015 the organizers of the Scope aim to attract over 45 000 visitors to the historical pavilion on Ocean Drive. All the participants are going through the meticulous selection process – only the works able to attract the attention of the professional collectors and curators will be represented.

For the exhibition Ilgvars Zalans has prepared his latest female portraits from the “Colonial Beauty” series, first presented about a year ago in Riga. “In these works I’ve tried to combine my understanding of the sensual feminine beauty with the aesthetic tendencies and color combinations that were close to me. I see the success of this series in the balance between realism and abstraction, making the images understandable, yet leaving enough space for the viewer’s interpretation”.

Even though the artist has visited about 50 countries in the last 10 years, this is his first time in the U.S.: “It is important for me to exhibit my works for the audience of the professional spectators. It is a challenge, a possibility to evaluate the competitiveness of what I do. The U.S. art market is specially well suited for that – the culture of investing in art objects is very strong here.

(see the text of the article in Latvian language  – TV Net news portal)

Works of Ilgvars Zalans showcased at prestigious Scope Miami Beach, International Fair for Contemporary Art

The works of Ilgvars Zalans from the last series of female portraits Colonial Beauty will be for the first time exhibited in the US during the Scope Miami 2015 art show. You are welcome to visit Booth D29 at Scope Miami Beach, 801 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, from the 1st to 6th of December.

Works of Ilgvars Zalans showcased at Art Copenhagen, the Scandinavia’s International Art Fair for Contemporary & Modern Art

We are happy to announce that works of Ilgvars Zalans from the last collection Colonial Beauty will be exhibited at international art show Art Copenhagen 2015. You are welcome to visit Booth Nr 032 at Forum Copenhagen from the 18th to 20th of September.

The works of Ilgvar Zalans – at the international art show Scope Basel

Solomon islands girl, ooc,150x120,2014, Zalans


Ilgvar Zalans, having visited during the last 10 years about 50 countries in the different parts of the world, in his homeland is known for his bright colours, free, however very precise, painting manner and very personal perspective and vision of places and people, which he is sharing with the spectator. Solo shows of Mr Zalans have been regularly taking place in Latvia and beyond its borders. Last solo shows of the artist abroad took place in Perahu (Indonesia) and Salzburg (Austria).

Ilgvar Zalans says: “I am extremely grateful for the given opportunity to showcase my works during the iconic Art Basel week – this is a great platform for any artist and a chance to enhance his/her professional potential”. This year Scope Basel art show is happening for the 9th time, showcasing the works of the leading artists on the modern art market. Scope is also happenning in Miami and now also in South Korea.

The series of the women’s portraits, some of which will be showcased during the show, was initiated by Ilgvars Zalans during his travels in South-East Asia. “I have chosen the format of the portrait, as it allows to create my own interpretation within the borders of the classical genre. For creation of these works I draw my inspiration from the last travels in Indonesia, China and Malaysia”, – shares the artist. Ilgvar Zalans has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 1992 and since then has worked in the international art residencies in Spain, Netherlands, Japan, India, Philippines, Indonesia and other countries.

(see the text of the article in Latvian language in “Latvijs Avize” – article in daily “Latvijas Avize” )